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Premiere goes to work assembling your video and applying the theme elements you specified. This can take a few minutes, depending on the length of the movie and how powerful your computer is. This process helps Premiere identify the best parts of a clip. When all the work is done, you see a movie in the Monitor panel and a clip in the sceneline or timeline.

Your movie plays as shown in Figure Click the Share tab. It displays several ways to share your video, including posting it online and saving it to disc, to your PC, to your mobile device, or to tape. You can find more details about video formats on Video Camera Storage Methods. Premiere renders your movie, creating a video file in the format you chose.

A progress bar shows you how far along the process is. Rendering a movie can take some time, so you may want to grab a beverage of choice or check your email while Premiere does its work.

Premiere gives you that privilege right away, even in InstantMovie. When Premiere creates an InstantMovie, it produces a single clip. If you want to make changes, such as swapping a clip here or there, you need to break that clip into pieces. Fortunately, Premiere automates the process. Right-click the InstantMovie clip in the timeline or the sceneline and then choose Break Apart InstantMovie in the shortcut menu.

Premiere breaks the movie into its basic parts, showing clips and special effects in the My Project panel. Replace any of the clips by right-clicking on them in the timeline and choosing Replace Clip From Media or Project. If the replacement clip is longer than the original, Premiere trims it to fit. The steps Premiere goes through to create an InstantMovie are similar to those you take when you create your own movie.

In fact, InstantMovie teaches you a lot about assembling a movie and applying transitions and effects. For example, consider the timing and video clip choices Premiere makes in assembling an InstantMovie. Study the way it creates the opening and closing titles. Examine how Premiere applies transitions and special effects to your clips. In the following chapters, this book expands on each of these movie-making steps and shows how you can add your own personal touches to your movies.

Famous Movie Moment: In , photographer Eadweard Muybridge helped former California Governor Leland Stanford win a bet that when a horse gallops, all four hooves leave the ground at the same time. Think of what Muybridge could have done with your camcorder.

Skip to main content. Start your free trial. Chapter 1. Set Up a New Project. Start Premiere Elements. Note Adobe stores Premiere and all its supporting files with your other Windows programs. Figure There are only three buttons that actually lead to the Premiere Elements program. Note Photoshop Elements is a program used to edit and retouch still photos.

A Brief Tour of Premiere Elements. Premiere is divided into three main panels: the Monitor panel, the Tasks panel, and the My Project panel. This chapter introduces all three. The Monitor Panel. At the bottom of the Monitor panel, you see navigation and playback control buttons. At first, you may not recognize all the buttons and their uses, but soon using them becomes second nature as you jump back and forth to different spots in your video clips.

Tasks Panel. Use the tabs at the top of the Tasks panel to choose an activity. The Organize panel shown here is a great place to examine individual video clips and rank them according to quality and content.

You use the Organize panel to import video from your camera, too. My Project Panel. Top: Use the Sceneline panel to organize your video in broad strokes. Drop clips in the big boxes and drop transitions, like wipes and dissolves, in the small boxes. Bottom: Use the Timeline panel when you want to fine-tune the elements in your video. The timeline looks like a more traditional video-editing workspace.

Create a New Project. Tip Start Premiere Elements explains some of the different ways to start Premiere. The most important details when you create a new project are the name of your project and where Premiere will store the project. Once you get rolling with video projects, you may not have to change the settings that determine the video size and quality. The first time you use Premiere, you need to make sure the project settings match your video camera and your TV.

Save and Back Up a Project. Note Premiere projects are saved with the. Tip If you want to make back-ups of your raw video clips, you need to make copies using Elements Organizer Back Up Your Entire Catalog or use traditional Windows back-up or file-copying techniques. Avoid Disaster with Auto Save. Tip While you have your Preferences window open, you may want to take a look at the Scratch Disk preferences. Open an Existing Project. Create an InstantMovie. Select the video clips you want in your movie.

Choose a theme. Decide how Premiere applies the theme elements. Premiere assembles the clips. Premiere applies the theme elements. You preview the movie. You tweak the movie. Premiere saves the movie as a finished product.

Instructions for InstantMovie appear in the upper-left corner of the Organize panel. Here, the selected movie clips show a blue highlight. You may want to keep working on your tasks while you export your file later. The program allows you to export multiple videos at a later time. To ensure that the video you want to upload is the best version, play it first after exporting to mp4 in Premiere Pro. The final step allows you to make any changes you may have missed and ensure that you are uploading the correct files.

The final video from export adobe premiere to mp4 must be appealing to your target audience, so quality is important. It has features that allow you to easily convert your videos to MP4 format. The simple steps you need to know to begin the process are listed below. There are several output formats to choose from on the Video tab. You can select your desired format on the output format, and in this case, you will select MP4. To export a sequence as an H. To select a filename and location, open the Save As dialog box by clicking the blue filename.

Select an export location and a name for your new file, then click Save. The new video file will be created and ready to be shared with the rest of the world. Yes, you can export a Premiere Pro project to your computer without any issues. The best part is that you can export to a variety of formats with this app. When exporting a video from Premiere Pro, MP4 is the best format to use. You can then burn the ISO image to a disc, at a convenient time. See disc burning guidelines for tips on burning discs.

Premiere Elements enables you to export your movie in formats suitable for delivery through the Internet. Select an online sharing platform from the Social Media category. Using the recommended settings is the quickest way to export your movie.

You can also customize the settings to match a specific situation. Remember, however, to make sure that the data rate of your movie is appropriate for the intended playback medium.

For sharing to YouTube and Vimeo , click Begin Share to initiate the authorization process after which you can continue with the sharing workflow of the selected platform. For sharing to Facebook and Instagram, save the video to a local folder and then upload it to the selected platform. Adjust the quality to suit your requirements. The frame is exported from the current time position in the Expert view timeline or the Monitor panel.

Following the export, the frame appears in the Project Assets panel. You can create animated GIFs from small video segments as well. The duration of GIF should not be more than 10 seconds. Exporting as a sequence can be useful in the following scenarios:.

Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. With the right program, converting your videos to MP4 is a breeze. For example, as previously stated, you can easily export Premiere Pro to mp4.

Wondershare UniConverter is unquestionably the best tool for converting and editing videos cheaply and professionally. In the top menu bar, select File. Choose the Export option.

Select the Media option. Expand the Format menu and choose Enter a name and path in the Output Name field. Select the Export option. To export an H. Select Format: H. Download the MP4 file converter, install it, and run it. Install Movavi Video Converter. Select Add Video from the Add Media menu. Import the file to be converted.

Select MP4 from the Video tab, then the desired preset.


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Learn how to export and share your projects in Adobe Premiere Elements. saving it as Windows Waveform file .wav), MP3 file .mp3). So I was able to download a copy of Premiere Elements 12 to the new computer and I see file. Are you able to provide a procedure on locating the.


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Learn how to export and share your projects in Adobe Premiere Elements. You must have a free Adobe account and be logged into it to use the links below, as Adobe sets a session cookie on your browser that allows you. Solved: I am using Premiere Elements 9 and I am wondering how to export my video 4 format without losing the resolution? (I don’t ) According.


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