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Do you know how to manage RAID partitions in an effortless way? RAID , short for Redundant Array of Independent Disks , is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disk drive components into one or more logical units for the purposes of data redundancy and performance improvement.

In addition to the seven core levels, there are also a number of variants. Some controllers can layer and even abstract RAID levels, which enables you to mix and match different capacity drives and add capacity without any additional configuration. In users’ eyes, Hard Disk RAID is a pretty ripe technology, and it is also regarded as the basic technology of data storage. It can help users who need to store a large number of data save much cost.

Besides, every kind of RAID disk array can seek balance among read-write performance, data protection level, data rebuilding speed, and real disk space.

It is an excellent computer technology. Well then, how to manage RAID drives? Is there a free partition manager that can help users to resize RAID partition? Actually, to manage RAID drive, an excellent partition magic is indispensible. Here, MiniTool Partition Wizard is strongly recommended. With this free partition magic, you can manage RAID partition at ease. If you need to manage RAID partitions, try this one.

Step 1. Install it on your computer and launch it to get the main interface. Free Download. Step 2. This is the main interface of this free partition magic. It shows us all disk condition and partition condition. Step 3. At this page, you can extend or shrink the RAID partition. If you want to shrink the partition, just shorten the blue handle. To move a partition, you can drag the whole blue handle rightwards or leftwards to change its place.

You see, it is very simple to manage RAID drives with a professional partition manager. Get one now! Click to tweet. If you have any question about this RAID partition manager or about RAID management, you can leave a message on the following comment zone and we will reply as soon as possible.

If you need any help when using MiniTool software, you may contact us via [email protected]. Download Partition Wizard.


Windows 10 pro raid software free download


Verdict: Stablebits is a type of striped data storage pool designed to be used in conjunction with a SAN or iSCSI initiator in order to protect the users data from being lost to the host that has initiated the storage pool. The way it works is that the server is using striped sets of disk blocks of a certain size, and when a request comes from a client, it will be moved into the storage pool and the client will be given an address that corresponds to that block of memory that they requested.

The drive heads on each client are connected to their own drive pool as well, which is why they can co-exist without making any modifications to the actual OS operating system. Because the striped sets of disks are all attached to the same drive controller, the data that is written to the drives is not only secure, but is also speed optimized for maximum performance.

Partitions are used so that one or more can be mounted on a PC or a laptop. A computer can have as many partitions as it will handle thus, a ‘volume’ of partitions. This free partition recovery software will allow one to create an ‘untitled’ partition, rename any existing partition, delete a partition, create a new partition and even allocate different space for booting and disk caches.

The ‘wizard’ tool is quite user-friendly, requiring just a few mouse clicks. Just point and click on the drives you want to add to your computer and the software will automatically create a new partition for you.

Verdict: Paragon Hard Disk Manager is a data protection and backup tool. Features of this software includes data deduplication which will strip storage space from each hard drive and place them into separate categories RAID arrays.

All information is stored on one hard drive which you can access in the case of data loss or system failure. When it comes to the disadvantages of using this enterprise backup software , there aren’t many really. If the system is rebooted after using the hard drive, Paragon may detect all of the files on the drive that were previously undetected and not deleted.

This can result in overwriting your data or corruption of the drive itself. Verdict: With the use of Raid-O technology in the SnapRAID, each block of storage is partitioned off into independent segments, making it easy to make use of large amounts of storage. Each computer on the server will have access to its own slice of the hard drive, instead of relying on the whole server taking up all the space. This means that if one computer fails, the others can still work.

In addition, all data is stored in highly secure Fibre Channel networks, making it impossible for outsiders to access it. In addition, the software is compatible with multi-master NAS units, so it’s easy to move files between multiple servers without having to deal with replication. Performs multiple disk operations Easily handle partitioning procedures Uses step-by-step wizards. Stablebits DrivePool.

Centralized license management With a console plug-in Available for all versions of Windows. Sleep mode cannot be disabled. MiniTool Partition Wizard. Doesn’t support managing dynamic disks. This consequently results in the usable space being only half of the disk array.

In addition, this array provides data redundancy by backing up each source drive. This is because RAID 5 will read the old data and write additional parity information when the data is written. Windows has built-in Storage Spaces technology, it is necessary to group multiple disks into a storage pool.

You can then use the pool’s capacity to create virtual disks with storage space names. This is necessary to protect your data from disk failure by data mirroring and to increase storage by adding drivers.

To do this, click the « Manage storage spaces » button, then click « Create a new pool and storage. Keep in mind that the combination of ReFS and Windows 10 Storage Spaces can give you better data protection and improved performance when working with large amounts of data.

Two-way mirror , similar to raid 1, uses at least two disks and writes two copies of the data, and will also protect data from a single disk failure. Three-way mirror uses at least five disks and will write three copies of the data. This disk space option will protect data from two simultaneous disk failures. Parity , similar to raid 5, uses at least three disks, and data is written with parity information.

Data protection in the event of a single disk failure is provided to you. If the disks in a hardware RAID have different capacities, there will still be wasted space. Windows 10 Storage Spaces will not result in capacity loss as the system can still run on a single drive.

Storage Spaces also has ReFS, which makes it easier to manage and save users the hassle of data validation. At the same time, the sequential write speed in RAID 1 is half that of two-way storage space mirroring. However, the Windows feature still has its advantages, such as no board and data protection. It has thousands of positive reviews due to its qualities, functions and capabilities.

Let’s dwell on this in more detail:. Then install the software on Windows or Windows Server You get read-only access to the files – this is necessary so that you can use the preview function and check how successful the data recovery procedure was.

You will be able to export the selected files to any suitable storage device, and you can also get technical support for a year after purchasing the license – that’s great.


How to setup software RAID in Windows


Microsoft has released Windows 10 in 12 different versions. The tiled menu of Windows 8 and the Start menu of Windows 7 make a great combination. The main features are identical in all versions of Windows. However, Microsoft has designed every version for a particular group of people. Here, I am going to discuss the most wanted edition of Windows 10 i. Windows 10 Professional. Download bit.

I have parted the process of installation into two parts. Then, you will install Windows 10 Pro. I am going to list various methods for this purpose. You can select any of them. Windows 10 Pro has a non-tiled secret Start menu. It has a visible tiled Start menu too. It has all important options in textual form. BitLocker encrypts hard disk drive, USB drive, and other storage devices.

Your favorite assistant Cortana is now more powerful in Windows 10 Pro. The search function has been categorized in documents, images, videos and other sections for quick fetching. This edition of Windows has the Battery Saver feature.

Activating Battery Saver gives you a long-lasting battery while you are working. Remote Desktop is now more active to give you access to your system from remote places. It allows you to access your desired computer within no time. Hyper-V is an integral part of Windows 10 Pro.

Now, you can run the various OS on a virtual machine like Linux, Windows XP, and others without affecting the main system. Fast Startup, sleep, quick shutdown and search make it a worthy Operating System to use. It does not take a long time in operations. Task View allows you to view tasks comparatively.

While working on various web pages, you can view them in Task View for easy switching from one to another. Microsoft Edge is even faster to fetch accurate browsing results.

It has the fluent design and reading mode and online sharing feature. It may be due to a third-party antivirus program. Uninstall if you have any antivirus program. If you have any, uninstall it too. Yes, it affects for sure and needs to be rebuilt. If you frequently install different operating systems, your Boot Configuration Data may remain incomplete. Install all updates and restart PC. Now, try to install Windows 10 Pro again. It shows you a USB flash drive option.

Select this option. Some users complain that they cannot see this option. Click here to download Rufus. Now double-click the tool to launch. Rufus starts creating a bootable USB flash drive. It shows you that the system is loading files. Here, you see two installation options; Custom and Upgrade. Now select a location to save Windows 10 Pro. The system starts loading files. The installation process appears in percentage. Select a name if you desire so. Add a network or skip this option for now.

Your Windows 10 Pro is ready for use. Make sure that you have sufficient storage space and unplug all peripheral devices.

I meet the download requirements. The Windows installation process starts but halts midway. Please help. What screen resolution is required for Windows 10 Pro? It requires x pixels resolution. Can a corrupt BCD affect Windows installation process? I start Windows 10 Pro installation. Your account is fully activated, you now have access to all content.

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